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Food Delivery: Who owns the most loyal users?

As consumer adoption of food delivery increases, the competition among food delivery companies on wallet share and loyalty continues.  If a restaurant is available on all delivery apps, users get to choose which app to order from. To lure more users to their own platforms, food delivery companies need to adjust their pricing strategies, optimize […]

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The Roller Coaster Goes On: Food-Delivery Companies in Asia (II)

In a former report, we used Measurable AI’s unique e-receipts data to look at the food delivery industry in APAC in the early months of covid-19, and saw a huge surge in food delivery volume. After six months, the pandemic is still not over, and so is the competition among the food delivery companies.  Based […]

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Malaysia: Tracking Online Consumer Spending amid Covid-19

While the new waves of coronavirus continue to hit the world, consumers have gradually become used to the new norm of working from home and shopping online. The panic buying peak during the first breakouts may have been normalized, but in every aspect of life, the shopping behavior patterns are still changing.  Transaction value in […]

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The Roller Coaster of Food-Delivery Companies in Asia (I)

Even before the pandemic, the food-delivery industry in Asia was growing insanely fast with big players trying to take over new markets every month. After the outbreak, these companies finally prove that food-delivery is a necessity in life. However, the food delivery war is still going on, and moving even faster than it was. Based […]

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