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Whose McDonald’s Delivery is the cheapest in Hong Kong?

Not all Big Macs are equal. Well, that’s when it comes to Big Macs you order online from any of the food delivery apps. They may all seemingly look and taste the same, but when you press the “order” confirm button, they will arrive at different times. More importantly, you will be charged different prices depending on which delivery service you order your Big Mac from.

We take a dive into Measurable AI’s Hong Kong e-receipt consumer panel for the market share, average order frequency and order values for McDonald meals delivered to Hong Kong consumers amongst the three delivery platforms.

How Much More Are You Paying when you Order McDonald’s Online?

For the sake of convenience (or call it laziness), we are well aware we need to pay more each time we order food online vs frequenting the actual physical restaurant premise. However, most of us aren’t aware how much exactly more we are paying when it comes to each food delivery order and the differential between the different food aggregator platforms. Can you guess the mark-up charge for the most popular items from McDonalds?

Take the fillet-o-fish as an example. It is astounding that the mark-up cost is almost as much as the burger itself. That’s like 2 for the price of 1! By comparing the prices of some best-selling items, we discovered that users of Deliveroo, Foodpanda and McDelivery pay 8-92% more than those who order the same items at the restaurant physically.

Measurable AI: McDonald’s Price Comparison in Hong Kong (as of June 2022)

BigMac: Foodpanda, Deliveroo and McDelivery

As an experiment, the Measurable AI team ordered the same “Burger Lover Combo for 1” on all three platforms for a Wednesday lunch and compared the speed of delivery and price across each of the apps.

Menu Item (HKD)707070
Delivery Fee (HKD)81520
Service Fee / Platform Fee (HKD)22/
Total Cost (HKD)808790
Delivery Speed26 min30 min30 min
*Results are based on orders during weekday lunch hours in Yau Tsim Mong District, Hong Kong

In our experiment, Deliveroo won that day on speed of delivery, cheapest delivery fee and overall price. McDelivery, while it didn’t charge a service fee, was the most expensive due to its delivery fee of 20 HKD (which accounts for 28.6% of the price of the meal). Foodpanda sits somewhere in between. The results might be very different when it comes to different combos, order times, and locations.

Digging Into the Food Delivery E-receipts Dataset

How many Mcdonald’s orders are delivered via the apps, what is the average spend for such orders and how often does the average McDonald’s patron in Hong Kong order McDonald’s delivery each month?

We take a look at Measurable AI’s e-receipt consumer panel for the delivery companies in Hong Kong to understand what insights they reveal about McDonald’s delivery orders.

By monthly order volume, we discovered McDonald’s is by far the most frequently ordered on Foodpanda, followed by Deliveroo, and then McDelivery.

Measurable AI: McDonald’s Monthly Order Volume in Hong Kong. *Estimated orders in this chart are based on the monthly order volume captured in Measurable AI’s unique consumer panel. Data range from 2021 January to 2022 April

How often do McDonald’s consumers in Hong Kong order delivery? Measurable AI’s panel indicates that McDonald’s most loyal fans are those who use the McDonald’s app and pick up — and probably dine in the restaurant themselves. This group tends to frequent McDonald’s at up to 3.8x a month. While for other food delivery apps (i.e. Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and McDelivery), the average frequency of McDonald’s delivery tends to range from 1.7 to 1.9 x a month as of April 2022.

Measurable AI: McDonald’s Order Frequency by Platform in Hong Kong. *Estimated orders in this chart are based on the monthly order volume captured in Measurable AI’s unique consumer panel. Data range from 2021 January to 2022 April

In terms of the average spend on McDonald’s delivery orders amongst the three delivery platforms in Hong Kong, for the month of April 2022, Deliveroo users seem to spend the most on a McDonald’s delivered meal with an average order value of ~ HKD 162. This is followed by Foodpanda at ~ HKD 122 and McDelivery at ~ HKD 107.

Measurable AI: McDonald’s Average Order Value in Hong Kong. *Estimated AOV in this chart is based on metrics “Total Price”, the dollar amount of each order before promotions and discounts. Data range from 2021 January to 2022 April

BigMac’s Overlap Between the Three Players

We took a closer look at our dataset to see which of the three delivery players was best at attracting the most loyal McDonald’s fans.

Measurable AI: McDonald’s Order Overlap in Hong Kong; *Estimated orders in this chart are based on the monthly order volume captured in Measurable AI’s unique consumer panel. Data range from 2021 Jan to 2022 April

Among all Foodpanda’s McDonald fans, 30% of them were also tinkering with Deliveroo for McDonald’s meals and 13% resorted to McDelivery. More or less similar to Foodpanda, 15% of Deliveroo’s users also use the McDelivery app for McDonald’s meals. Meanwhile, 36% and 30% of McDelivery app users will also use Foodpanda and Deliveroo’s services for McDonald orders.

McDonalds Market Share on the Delivery Apps

Lastly, based on Measurable AI’s data, as of 1Q22, among the variety of restaurants on both platforms, McDonald’s manages to account for around 4.7% of the market share by order volume on Deliveroo and 3.7% on Foodpanda.

Measurable AI: McDonald’s Market Share on Food Delivery Apps in Hong Kong by revenue; *Estimated orders in this chart are based on the monthly order volume captured in Measurable AI’s unique consumer panel. Data range from 2021 Jan to 2022 April

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