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Introducing Measurable AI’s Big Mac Food Delivery Index

The Big Mac Index, introduced by The Economist in 1986, is a simple and popular tool comparing the price of a Big Mac burger in different countries, and helps show if a country’s currency is overvalued or undervalued. 

But have you ever wondered how online delivery platforms, a phenomenon that’s surged since and post pandemic, might have influenced the price of this iconic burger?

After nearly four decades, Measurable AI brings you a fresh take with our Big Mac Food Delivery Index. We’ve crunched numbers from our expansive consumer panel from 3 million consumers across various food delivery platforms worldwide.

Our food delivery index provides insights that resonate with the present economic milieu and also offer a unique lens to gauge the development in the food delivery industry. 

The Big Mac Food Delivery Index

As a preliminary attempt, we gathered all the available data points from Measurable AI’s consumer panel – on the price of a Big Mac burger across 100 countries on 17 food delivery platforms (including McDonald’s very own delivery service). To ensure consistent currency conversion, we’ve adopted the exact exchange rates from The Economist, accessible via their open-source GitHub repository. Our data captures prices from January 1, 2022, to July 1, 2022.

Other than its original purpose of evaluating how much one currency is under – or overvalued relative to another, our online food delivery version of the Big Mac Index also helps to track the trend of prices of food online through food delivery services. 

Based on our data, it’s evident that the Big Mac sees a markup in most countries when ordered through online food delivery services.

Measurable AI’s 2022 Big Mac Food Delivery Index shows that it’s much more expensive to order a Big Mac through online food delivery than dining in a physical store in Japan, with a markup at approximately 54.34%.

In Hong Kong, the markup is also notably substantial at approximately 21.43%. This observation aligns with our previous in-depth research into Hong Kong’s McDonald’s food delivery landscape. The US follows suit with online orders costing about 17.82% more than in-store purchases.

In the UAE, the Big Mac price remains consistent whether ordered online or offline.

In Sweden, surprisingly, the price of a Big Mac is actually much pricer in store than ordering online, and the difference is a whopping 38.6%.

*Measurable AI: The Big Mac Food Delivery Index 2022. Price data is extracted from Measurable AI’s unique e-receipt consumer panel. Exchange rate and the offline Big Mac price follows the Economist’s public data. Data range from January 1 2022 to July 1st 2022.

Looking Ahead

As the digital economy continues to evolve, so does our relationship with food, commerce, and convenience. The discrepancies in the Big Mac’s food delivery price across different platforms and regions offer a glimpse into this dynamic interplay. How will these trends persist?

Measurable AI will keep updating the Big Mac Food Delivery Index on our channels, and we invite you to join us exploring the nuances of global economies through a new lens of online food delivery.

Stay tuned, hungry, and keep crunching the numbers.

P.S. To access the granular data behind the Measurable AI Food Delivery Index, please drop us a line at [email protected] for a detailed demo.

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