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Bryan Tsui Joins Measurable AI as Chief Executive Officer

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our new CEO Bryan Tsui!

Bryan spent 7 years at Bloomberg in various functions including Core Terminal and BloombergNEF, a strategic research provider covering the low-carbon economy. In 2017, Bryan was the first employee to join YipitData in APAC, the leading market research firm for the disruptive economy. The APAC business successfully took off and he started building and managing a regional revenue team across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Bryan now joins Measurable AI’s team as the Chief Executive Officer.

Let’s hear his story:

Tell us your most interesting sales prospecting story?

My most interesting sales prospecting story wasn’t a successful win but I managed to get the attention of a chairman from a listed company. During my time at Bloomberg, I struggled to open the door at one listed company, so my teammate and I decided to record a video talking about the key use-cases and we were simply trying our luck. We posted the video on YouTube and shared the link with the chairman via email. We finally got a reply and that was fun! 

I also had one experience meeting with a hedge fund Chief Investment Officer (CIO), and before I introduced the company, he went straight and asked me for the pricing. He agreed to sign a 6-figures deal in 3 minutes without knowing anything about our offering. I guess he was having a great day! 

When was the first time you came across alternative data?

I have been working in the data industry for over 12 years so it is difficult for me to draw a clear line between traditional data vs alternative data. That being said, Genscape (now acquired by Wood Mackenzie) was probably the very first alternative data vendor I came across. It operates the world’s largest private network of in-field monitors tracking commodity and energy (i.e. power, oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids…). It was over 10 years ago when I first heard about Genscape using infrared / heat sensitive cameras to detect storage levels in a tank. 

Besides helping tech investors and shared-economy companies, how do you think other companies can leverage alternative data?

Even within the investment community, primary and secondary market investors are approaching alternative data with a very different objective. For instance, venture capital investors leverage e-commerce data to identify emerging brands and merchants for deal sourcing purposes, which is completely different from the typical stock research use-case.
Fintech companies are already using app data to assess credit risk. Food and beverage companies are using weather data for demand planning. And there are many more use-cases …

How would you describe your working style? 

I really like the cultures of my previous employers. At Yipit, we focus on making an impact and being efficient. In addition, we encourage everyone to be selfless and experimental. At Bloomberg, due to its sheer size, operational excellence is their prime focus. After all these years, my working style is really built on excelling skills around these core company values. Now I’m really looking forward to joining Measurable AI’s big family.

What’s your favorite food? 

Steak, hot pot and barbecue!

You can reach Bryan at [email protected].


At Measurable AI, we build and own a unique consumer panel and are the largest transactional email receipt data provider for the emerging markets. We are well regarded for our comprehensive alternative dataset across the digital economy, particularly for our consumer insights relating to the food delivery industry. 


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