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Coronavirus: A New Confirmed Case in Your House

Covid-19 has been the reason for sales boost in many unexpected categories like meal kits, video games and even toilet paper. On one hand, brick and mortar businesses are suffering from drops and lock-downs. On the other hand, challenging times create opportunities for industries that we never imagined before.

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

According to Measurable AI’s datasets for transactional email receipts, people are hoarding items like anti-virus softwares for their computers. Sales from Anti-virus softwares on BestBuy (NYSE: BBY)’s website increased rapidly in recent months with the spread of the pandemic.

Total sales from anti-virus softwares on BestBuy from January to March is up around 30% year over year. Across the whole last year, sales of these items only saw growth during Black Friday, and January used to be an off-season for being right after the holiday season.

According to Measurable AI’s data dashboard, top products that people are buying from BestBuy in this category are Trend Micro Internet Security (TYO: 4704) and Webroot Internet Security (TSE: OTEX). The former one from Trend Micro made up around 50% of the total sales in the recent three months. As shown on BestBuy’s website, both of the two items are on sale, the former is USD50 off and the latter USD 20 off right now.

Is this panic buying? Or is it just a necessary increase when people have to work from their personal computers to deal with corporate stuff that needs protection? As the home quarantine continues worldwide, our shopping behaviour is also changing upside down.

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