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Call of Duty Is Making A Killing Already In Its First Week, Dethroning PUBG and Fortnite

Well-loved game series Call of Duty has just launched its mobile version in regions like the US, Europe, India and Latin America. The classic first-version shooter game records more than 100 million downloads within its first week, surpassing PUBG Mobile (28 million) and Fortnite (22.5 million). Can COD also beat the two battle-royale mega-hits in terms of revenue? 

Like PUBG and Fortnite, before being released on mobile, the Call of Duty series started as console games and has gathered a huge and loyal fan base since then. The mobile version of it was co-developed by Tencent and Activision Blizzard, launched on 1 Oct. 

Though the game is not exactly the same as it was. This mobile edition includes the traditional multiplayer and zombie mode, as well as the brand new battle-royale mode. Tencent also put in the fortune-making PUBG “battle pass” feature, attempting to make a killing through COD again. 

According to reports, Call of Duty brought in around 9 million within its first week in App Store, surpassing Fortnite’s 2.3 million and PUBG’s 0.6 million. COD’s Paying Users Trend Index has exceeded its rivals’ for 3 consecutive weeks since launch, according to Measurable AI’s dashboard. The latest release has also outperformed Fortnite in terms of sales volume.

However, it is uncertain whether the new champion can maintain its crown for long as Call of Duty is still far behind its competitors in terms of its average order value and paying user spend. MAI shows that each of the game’s paying user have only spent around $17USD in the game, significantly lower than Fortnite’s $24 and PUBG’s $53. The sudden and immense growth in sales volume and paying users might be a temporary effect caused by the game’s effective promotions at its launch. 

Nevertheless, Measurable AI believes that Call of Duty will continue to do well and remain as a top-tier mobile games with the support of its loyal fans accumulated since the console game era. Also, Tencent has already borrowed its money-earning tactics from PUBG, such as the Battle Pass feature, to bring in more money through the new game. Any innovative breakthrough in game modes would be an essential key to the even-brighter future development of COD.  

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