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8 Ball Pool’s Road to Success – From Casual Sports Game to Top Grossing App

Casual billiard game 8 Ball Pool has continuously been one of the top grossers among mobile games, earning hundreds of millions for its developer Miniclip. Let us look into some actual consumer data and see what makes this online ball pool game so addictive to players all around the globe.

According to MAI intelligence, the game manages to hold on to a large number of paying users compared with other casual titles. With its $20-above average user spending, the total amount of sales accumulated is impressive.

The super-easy game runs on in-app currencies, Pool Coins and Pool Cash. Players have to pay a compulsory entry fee through Pool Coins to join a tournament game, a large sum of coins would be gifted if they win. The currencies can be earned without paying (25 coins every hour, or watch short ads to earn additionally), or be bought through real money. Both Coins and Cash can be used to buy equipment such as cues and table frames. As shown in MAI’s statistics, “Stack of Coins” is the second-most popular item, while the top of the list belongs to “Golden Spin”, a lucky spin with prizes of good value.

The app brought variations to the ordinary billiard game. The ranking and award systems encourage players to continue playing in return for more and better rewards. The “Play with Friends” mode allows players to enjoy the game while socializing. These new features make 8 Ball Pool one of the best kill-time games. The more effort and time the players have invested, the more willing they are to compromise real money for an upgrade in gaming experiences.

According to MAI’s data, the game has the largest fan base in the US and Brazil in terms of paying users. Users from the two countries are accounted for 44.97% and 10.07% of total in-app purchase sales respectively. However, it seems that the game is not as popular in Asia, with Malaysia and Taiwan as the only 2 Asian regions placed in the top 10 fan bases.

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