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Over 50% of Bumble’s paying users splash out on Tinder to get more woos

Dating app Bumble has recently become Tinder’s biggest rival and claimed to reach 50 million users around the world. From launching a new “spotlight” feature to publishing a relationship-themed print magazine, the Texas-based startup is exploiting every possible way to attract and engage its users on- and offline.

However, it still has a long way to go as to locking its users in its very own app.

Statistics from Consumer Insights Intelligence Measurable AI shows, from March 1 in 2018 to March 1 in 2019, approximately 56% of Bumble’s paying users also make purchases on its competitor Tinder. On the contrary, about 12% of Tinder’s paying users buy items on Bumble. The LA-based company apparently has built a relatively more loyal user base than Bumble does.

In addition, according to Measurable AI, Bumble’s paying users spend $37.7 on average over the same period of time, less than that of Tinder with $62. What’s worth noticing is, after the number of Tinder’s paying users plummeted in October 2018, Bumble’s average user spend surpassed Tinder for the first time in December 2018, and the second time happened in February 2019. The gap of how much each user is willing to spend on the app has been reduced for the past few months.

Just like Tinder, Bumble provides a few paid features for users to promote their profiles and increase the match. The weekly auto-renewal subscription named “Bumble Boost” turns to be the best-selling item, and it makes up 41.6% of all the in-app purchases and 37.1% of the sales worldwide.

Bumble has been focused on its U.S. market, with 85.71% of its paying users coming from the states, Measurable AI demonstrates. They also occupy 88.17% of its global in-app purchase revenue. French users take up 5.71% of its global user base, ranking the No.2 paying user group.

Tinder’s users, on the other hand, are somewhat distributed more evenly. While the U.S. contributes to 40.54% of paying users and 32.79% of in-app purchase revenue, French, Brazil, and Japan play important roles in acquiring paying users and making profits as well.

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